Today marked my last day at the “same” desk – after almost exactly 23 years and three company names (SRI, Knowledge Networks, and lastly GfK) on the door. With much of my career spent in TV research, I can put that into context by saying I lasted longer than Bonanza (20 years) and Law & Order (20), but not yet as long as The Simpsons (29)!  But looking forward, Monday marks the first day of “TiceVision,” my new consultancy, which hopefully be as successful a spinoff as was Frasier.

Starting out in 1994, I can still remember when telephone surveys were getting response rates of over 75 percent – hard to believe today. VCRs were the disruptive technology, with DVD players and streaming still years away from mainstream ownership.  Being involved in running, then leading, The Home Technology Monitor service since 1995 has given me a very interesting seat to watch all these changes in consumer media choice and media behavior over the years – and how research methods had to change to ensure quality, reliable data and insights.

Thanks go to all of my clients and colleagues with whom I partnered to create and execute research – both syndicated and proprietary – that explored and measured these changes.  But today isn’t (hopefully!) goodbye to this space – I do hope to continue to apply my experience and knowledge to further work in this space.

One thing for sure is that I plan to continue to post on this page most days, on media or research topics or even a few personal reflections.  I hope you’ll join me – click below to subscribe or to get an RSS feed.

David Tice is the principal of TiceVision LLC, a media research consultancy

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