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Bloomberg TicToc logoLaunching today on Twitter is the TicToc news feed from Bloomberg News. Intended, as are many new services, to appeal to the millennial audience with fleeting attention, TicToc claims to be the “first and only global news network streaming LIVE on Twitter”. It makes use of over 2,500 Bloomberg journalists and analysts around  the world.

Perhaps singling out millennials is a bit unfair, as TicToc can also fill a need for anyone who is interested in a fast round up of news and analysis. And using the Bloomberg name and credibility, it aims to not just be “quick and dirty” news but fill the other need for trustworthy news that people increasing are calling for when Facebook – and to a great extent Twitter itself – are sources for so-called “fake news” or highly biased opinions that try to get passed off as news.

A quick viewing of the first TicToc video updates this morning show they are about 10 minutes each, featuring about 8 stories. The updates have video or photos as background to the reporting audio, no reporter headshots that I saw; they also caption the audio on-screen for those who do not want to play the audio.

I honestly can’t say these reports are significantly less informative than what one would get from a typical half hour evening network newscast. If anything, these seem to cut the news down to a few major stories without the fluff that fills a typical network newscast.

TicToc also features live coverage and updates (today it was live video of Theresa May speaking in Parliament on Brexit), adding to TicToc’s value as not only as a news aggregator but in covering breaking news.

As a boomer who has been known to comment unkindly on his millennial acquaintances’ knowledge of news and current events, this (or services like it) could fill that void – especially if it can be ported to other social platforms given Twitter’s relatively small and declining user base (was not able to determine if the partnership is exclusive).

Let’s check back in a month

Having launched in the middle of the holidays, Bloomberg is probably not counting on high sampling rates immediately but will use the next few weeks to shakedown TicToc in a live environment. The real test of consumer interest will emerge once the holidays and New Year’s periods are over.

David Tice is the principal of TiceVision LLC, a media research consultancy.
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